Refugee Camp

Greater Accra Refugee Camp

The Government of Ghana considers the urban area a legitimate protection space where refugees can live and work; thus refugees are not restricted to the camps. Currently, the urban refugees and asylum seekers live in the Accra metropolitan area and surrounding areas. There is no refugee camp within the Accra metropolitan area. These refugees and asylum seekers come from countries such as Sudan, Togo and Ivory Coast, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Somalia, Syria. The Ivorians are the biggest population in the urban areas due to the Ivorian influx in 2011.

New asylum seekers of various nationalities and persons affected by recent conflicts in countries such as Central Africa Republic, in the Darfur Region of Sudan, and in Syria continue to be received and registered by the Ghana Refugee Board. In the year 2013, a total number of 1,296 persons applied for asylum with the Ghana Refugee Board mainly in Accra.

The UNHCR Branch Office in Accra assists Ghana Refugee Board which has the overall responsibility for refugee management in Ghana to provide protection and assistance to urban refugees and Out-of-camp refugee populations such as the Togolese refugees in host communities in the Volta Region. Additional material support to refugees in the urban area and out-of-camp locations is ensured through UNHCR’s implementing partners, the Christian Council of Ghana and National Catholic Secretariat.