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By GRB |07 March 2019

Ghana Refugee Board & UNHCR 25th March 2019 to 11th October, 2019

1. The Government of Ghana, through the Ghana Refugee Board (GRB) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Ghana, wishes to announce the roll out of a verification exercise for refugees and asylum-seekers registered with the Ghana Refugee Board residing in the camps and in Accra.

2. The exercise will take place at the GRB premises for refugees and asylum-seekers residing in Accra and in the camps for refugees and asylum-seekers residing in the camps.

3. The verification exercise contains four components and each component corresponds to a specific objective:

I. Verify and update the bio-data of each person of concern, as well as his/her family composition, and record the individual documents each person of concern has in his/her possession;

II. Gain a better understanding of the intentions for durable solutions;

III. Issue a new individual registration certificate to each person registered as refugee or asylum-seeker in Ghana;

IV. After the completion of the three first components of the exercise at the registration center, a solutions intention survey will be conducted for only Ivorian PoC.

4. The schedule of this verification exercise is as follows :

- 25th March, to 30th March, 2019 – Verification Exercise in Egyeikrom Camp

- 1st April to 12th April, 2019 – Verification Exercise in Ampain Camp

- 6th May to 11th May, 2019 – Verification Exercise in Krisan Camp

- 20th May to 25th May, 2019 – Verification Exercise in Fetentaa Camp

- 3rd June to 28th June, 2019 – Verification Exercise in Accra (all nationals excluding Ivorians)

- 30th September to 11th October, 2019 – Verification Exercise in Volta Region

5. The verification exercise will be conducted from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.

6. Each refugee or an asylum-seeker registered in Ghana – irrespective of age or effective place of residence (place of living) in Ghana (camp, rural or urban area) - is required to participate in the exercise in one of the five proposed locations (registration center). Each person is invited to come along with all their family members on one of the above dates indicated for specific nationalities.

7. For facilitating the roll out of the desk registration exercise for each of the nationalities mentioned above, the day that the each nationalities are invited to come to the registration center will be displayed on a notice boards. This being said, the proposed dates and place for participating to the registration exercise are only indicative.

8. Since the verification exercise is an enhanced registration phase, it is very important to bring along all the documents that you possess, regardless of the language and whether or not the persons acquired them here in Ghana or in your country of origin at the registration center. Copies of the most important documents will be made.

Documents to bring include:

- National Health Insurance Scheme Card

- Registration Certificate

- Refugee ID card

- Birth Certificates (from country of origin and Ghana birth certificate)

- National ID card

- National Passport

- Relevant Diploma’s

- And any other individuals documents that you possess

9. In principle, after the completion of the desk registration exercise (part 1 to 3), all PoC of Ivorian origin will be required to take part in a solutions intention survey which will be administered by the registration desk officer before going for their attestation.

10. Please note that the services, the information provided by UNHCR and its partners, and the documents issued by GRB and UNHCR in the context of this exercise are free of charge. Any individual who offers to verify your personal data in return for money or other forms of compensation is committing fraud contrary to the law and policy applicable in Ghana.

Misrepresenting facts about yourself and your family during this exercise is a form of fraud and may prevent you from being assisted by GRB and UNHCR. Any individual found misrepresenting the facts in the context of this exercise towards an official from the government or UNHCR, will be reported to the authorities and will be dealt with according to the full force of the law.

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