Ghana Refugee Board (GRB) Vacancies Announcement

By GRB |05 October 2018


The Ghana Refugee Board (GRB) was established under the Ghana Refugee Law 1992 (PNDC Law 305D) and tasked with coordinating all activities relating to the management and care of refugees in accordance with the relevant United Nations and the African Union Conventions on protections of refugees from violence, conflict and political persecutions. GRB operates under the Ministry of Interior as the sole agency mandated to grant refugee status to persons seeking asylum in the country. The Board advises Government on refugee management policy and ensures that Government policy and directives are adhered to in the management of the refugee programs.

Ghana is host to over 19,000 refugees from various countries across the globe who are domiciled in urban areas and camps in the country. The Board currently manages three (3) Ivorian camps at Ampain and Egyeikrom in the Western and Central Regions respectively; and Fetentaa in the Brong-Ahafo Region; and one (1) mixed population camp at Krisan in the Western Region. Other critical responsibilities of GRB include: counselling and undertaking verification exercises; providing documentation, advocacy and solutions pathways involving local integration and naturalization; and performing oversight roles in the implementation of UNHCR and other partners’ refugee management programs.

The GRB Secretariat comprises of three unit teams – Eligibility / Protection, Programs, and Administration – with about 30 staff located at the headquarters and in the field; and headed by an Executive Secretary. Recently, GRB has been leading a global effort which combines relief, humanitarian and development knowledge under the rubric of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide long term solutions for tackling refugee-induced displacement challenges in the country.

The ensuing protracted nature of many of the refugee cases, the increasing complexity of their needs, and the persistence of the several triggers of the displacement situations in the sub-region and beyond amidst dwindling global financial resources require a paradigm shift entailing an intermarriage of humanitarian and development knowledge for sustained assistance and benefits to refugees and host community populations. This line of thought has shaped the recent medium term strategic direction of the GRB.

Its operational way forward now is based on treating refugee-induced displacement not only as a relief and humanitarian matter, but also as a development anomaly of “human capital in enforced idleness” which could be harnessed effectively to boost national development efforts. Such a perspective requires actions which would enable concerted engagement for production through the innovative utilization of displaced and host communities’ skills geared at maximizing productivity to provide jobs, employment opportunities and increased incomes for the refugees and host populations.

To execute the entailed responsibilities efficiently and meet the demands and obligations of its mandate effectively, GRB is seeking to recruit suitably motivated and qualified persons for the following positions:

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