By GRB |06 February 2018

On Sunday 21th January 2018, the Egyeikrom Refugee camp was thrown into celebration. An African Union Commissioner on International Law, Mrs. Kathleen Quartey Ayensu, hosted a party for the four hundred children residing at the camp.

The Commissioner had paid a familiarization visit to the camp in September 2017, with officials of the Ghana Refugee Board (GRB). When departing, Camp Manager, Mr. Edward Henry Thompson of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), had asked whether the Commissioner could arrange a first-ever Christmas Party for the children. The Commissioner returned at the beginning of this year bringing food packs, drinks and frozen dessert that she had organized with support of a few friends and celebrity caterer, JMarie Ltd.

In addressing the gathering, the Commissioner stressed the fact that we are all Africans and as such the African Union and Ghana place a high degree of responsibility on the welfare of the refugees. She asked the children to study hard at school and remember always to be kind to others as they have been shown kindness.

The camp residents provided lively entertainment of drumming, dancing, and a skit. Commissioner Kathleen Quartey Ayensu commended the GRB, the Camp Manager and the Camp Leaders for their high level of commitment and collaboration in running the camp. It had been a memorable day for all involved.

The Egyeikrom Refugee camp was set up by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Government of Ghana in 2011, to accommodate Ivoirians fleeing the civil war. Presently the camp is home to a total of 1412 persons. It is now managed solely by the Government of Ghana.


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